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competition, fitness + bikini prep info

For absolute best results, we highly recommends that fair skin competitors tan the day before the competition and the day of the competition. We offer 2 coats for each application to ensure you are stage appropriate as the stage lighting does lighten you up. Touch ups are fixing small smudges, water marks, lightened areas. Email us at


Athletes, always make sure your Spray Tan Techs are Certified and Trained in Performance Tanning. A competition tan is much more complex than a regular spray tan.  Performance tanning solution is a specialized product that is much different from the type of tanning solutions that are regularly used in spray tanning salons and studios. Using any other type of solution will not produce a final colour that is dark enough under the bright stage lighting. You absolutely must use a tanning solution which is intended for body building/fitness competitions.

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good luck competitors!

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