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competition, fitness + bikini prep info

For absolute best results, we highly recommends that fair skin competitors tan the day before the competition and the day of the competition. We offer 2 coats for each application to ensure you are stage appropriate as the stage lighting does lighten you up. Touch ups are fixing small smudges, water marks, lightened areas. Email us at


    BEST TO START THIS ON THE MONDAY BEFORE YOUR SHOW -Gently exfoliate your skin every day -Moisturize your skin everyday -Pay extra attention to your elbows, knees, hands, feet + heels The more dead layers you scrub off, the deeper into your skin the sunless solution will absorb. This will also ensure a flawless fade after your competition.
    THIS APPLIES TO BOTH MEN AND WOMEN -No exfoliants that contain oils -No lotion after you exfoliate and shower -Ensure all shaving is done 24hrs prior to your appointment -If waxing, ensure all waxing is done 3-4 days prior to your appointment as your skin may still have wax or your skin may be irritated or sensitive -Apply clear nail polish to your natural nails to avoid them going yellow. This applies to hands and toes.
    THIS APPLIES TO BOTH MEN AND WOMEN -Do not wear ANY deoderant -Do not wear ANY moistrizer/creams/lotios/oils/perfume/cologne/body spray on your skin -Bring an umbrella if its raining the day of your appointment as the rain will ruin your tan -Bring flip-flops to wear/leave to leave in after your appointment -Do not wear any RED as the red dye in the cotton may turn your tan GREEN. -Arrive to your appointment in loose fitting/oversized dark clothes -Draw string pants, sweat pants, lounge wear, are best for tan development -Do NOT wear jeans, tight pants, yoga pants. Avoid stiff fabrics. -Do NOT wear tight tank tops, bras, sport bras, tight dresses, tennis shoes or socks If you have used alot of diuretics and deprived yourself of lots of water for your show, your body maybe be unsually acidic, meaning your body may start to take on a greenish tint by the end of the day. If this occurs, apply a pH balancing product. To minimize this problem, stain in a cool low humidity environment once your spray tan is applied until your show is finished Where/when do we get our oil/bikini bite done? Oiling and Bikini Bite should be done no more than 30 minutes prior to your stage appearance. We will be backstage to help you with this. If we are not the official tanning company and are at your event, we will provide you with a small individual bottle.
    The catergory you are competing in will determine what you should wear when getting your spray tan. -If you're a BODY BUILDER, bring the suit you awill be competing in or a sock to get sprayed in -Keep your tan buffer with you at all times! (for hygiene reasons all athlete are provided with their own tanning puff buffer) Your spray tan artist will use this on YOUR body to help buff out any lines and imperfections
    -Do not wear any make up to your appointment -All women competitors must tan completely nude as you dont want any tan lines -DO NOT wear tight sport bras or waist trainers on the day of your top coat tan as it will leave mark’s on the skin when tan is applied -Women can be sprayed nude. If you have long hair, please remember to bring a tie back to keep hair off your shoulders and neck, if you forget we will provide. We will provide a hair cap for you to wear as well. -Keep your tan buffer with you at all times! (for hygiene reasons all athlete are provided with their own tanning puff buffer. Your spray tan artist will use this on YOUR body to help buff out any lines and imperfections
    - On the day of the show we will have all competitors sign in with us for full body spray tans and then will have to tan according to who goes on stage first. Please get your spot touch-ups well before you ask us to glaze you. -Ladies, make sure you are finished bending, stooping, sitting before you get bikini bite on your suit. -Do your pump-ups before coming to be glazed. Make sure to listen to the expediters so you know how to time yourself to be glazed and/or bikini bite applied. We will not be able to keep track of what class is going on stage at any given time, so please keep this in mind. **WE USE A CERTAIN KIND OF GLAZING. PLEASE DO NOT USE ANY OTHER GLAZING/OIL (ESPECIALLY PAM or CANOLA OIL SPRAY) PRODUCT WITH OUR TAN. GLAZING IS INCLUDED AS PART OF OUR SERVICE AND ONLY THE PRODUCTS WE RECOMMEND.....OTHER PRODUCTS MAY MESS UP YOUR TAN MAKING IT LIGHTER.
    -Do NOT sleep in the nude -Do NOT sleep in shorts or a tank top or a t-shirt -No skin-to-skin contact -Sleep in long sleeves and pants. Cover from wrists to ankles -Do NOT touch your tanned skin -Keep your room cool in order to prevent sweating -If you are staying in a hotel, its recomended you bring your own sheets or towels to use to avoid any extra cleaning charges from hotel. The cosmetic bronzer washes off your clothing after a wash. You can also purchase one of our disposable tanSuits to sleep in.
    You will get darker as the solution sets in to your skin and the hours go by. Find out at the meeting when you will be going on stage. This will help us + you to decide when to see us for “touch ups” if needed. We will fix any little marks or mistakes you may have. You will look perfect when you leave to go to pre judging. Please remember to be aware of your surroundings and the others around you as well. You don't want to bump into people and get marks. -WATER IS NOT YOUR FRIEND!! CAREFUL WHEN DRINKING IT OR WHEN NEAR A SINK OR USING TOILET!

Athletes, always make sure your Spray Tan Techs are Certified and Trained in Performance Tanning. A competition tan is much more complex than a regular spray tan.  Performance tanning solution is a specialized product that is much different from the type of tanning solutions that are regularly used in spray tanning salons and studios. Using any other type of solution will not produce a final colour that is dark enough under the bright stage lighting. You absolutely must use a tanning solution which is intended for body building/fitness competitions.

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good luck competitors!

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