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Birthday Suit or Bathing Suit

Curious about what to rock inside the tent for your spray tan sesh? It's the eternal conundrum: birthday suit or snazzy swimsuit? What's the go-to garb for most babes?

During your session, feel free to rock your birthday suit, don a swimsuit, or even sport your own undies! Your comfort level is our comfort level. We know some folks might feel a tad shy about baring it all, but hey, it's just you and our expert team here—no judgment, just fabulous tans! After your session, slip into some dark, flowy threads and show off those toes in open-toed sandals. Skip the socks and closed-toe shoes to keep that glow going strong! Remember, while our tanning solution usually washes out like a breeze, beware of staining—cotton's your best buddy, so keep it cozy and carefree!

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